What Made the Quick Extender Pro a Successful Product?

If you have never used a penis extender before, you probably had doubts about its usage and affectivity. Considering that it is the kind of device that should be worn for a prolonged period, it seems disturbing. Well, wearing one can give you an uncomfortable feeling especially if it is your first time to wear one. Doing other daily routines while wearing the penis extender can be uncomfortable as well since your movement is limited.

Thus, some manufacturers that produce male enhancement products tried to add features that can make it more comfortable to wear. Some companies added different silicone parts to the device but there is one company that stands out among the rest. When it comes to comfort and wearability, the Quick Extender Pro is one of the top players in the market. It has an exclusive Dual Strap Support system that gave it a big advantage over other penis extenders.

Quick Extender Pro

The Quick Extender Pro is a penis extender that was introduced in the market in 2007. Soon after, it quickly rose as one of the top devices that provide exceptional results over time. Compared with other penis enlargement solutions, the Quick Extender Pro does not involve surgical operations so no blood will spill. Also, the use of this device does not involve any drug or medication since it aims to promote natural growth.

This device is typically used by customers to treat sexual dysfunctions and improve their sex life. At the same time, the Quick Extender Pro is used as an effective solution to increase the length of the penis. With proper usage, you can take advantage of its offered benefits and make the most of your invested money. Even though the products were manufactured in Canada, this company is based in New York.

With the safety standards in their mind, the Quick Extender Pro was essentially made with materials that feature medical-grade construction. At the same time, its parts are made of hypoallergenic materials so you don’t have to worry about sensitive skins. If you are worried about your budget, this product also comes in different packages that you can choose from.

Regardless, you can choose the best package that suits you according to your needs and personal preference. Each package or program comes with a different level of enhancement and number of items. Each level of package offers options that include different kinds of non-invasive penis enlargement solution.

Innovatech Designs

As the company behind this product, the American based company Innovatech Designs has call centers around the world. Their customers can also track their orders with the built-in order tracking system in each product. Hence, customers can see how reliable is the company they are dealing with and the product they buy.

Not to mention because Innovatech Designs have a physical address to check out and phone numbers to call. If you have queries regarding the product and its delivery, you can take advantage of their customer care service. This way, you can use the device properly and avoid issues while using the device to enlarge your penis.

Top Features of the Quick Extender Pro

When it comes to the features, this device has a couple of features that made its craftsmanship more impressive. So, let’s start with its parts that are made of medical-grade materials. These parts are designed to be durable to last for years yet lightweight. This device is also user-friendly due to its straightforward design.

Users don’t have to worry about following complex product manuals or watching with poor video documentations by other users. The Quick Extender Pro comes in an easy to assemble and adjust parts in one package. The instructions that come in the package are very simple to follow. From ordering to the delivery and warranty of each QEP package, customers can rely on the customer service of the company.

The manufacturers continuously deliver the Quick Extender Pro to each customer in a complete package and on time. Thus, users can achieve their goals without too much hassle. Another thing that caught our attention is its value which can easily compete with any brand on the market. The Quick Extender Pro comes in different models and packages that suit the budget of various customers.

Moreover, each package that it offers comes with a lot of accessories. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced penis extender user, there is a package that suits your needs. Most importantly, this penis extender is by far the most comfortable penis extender that is available now on the market. Its comfort feature is the most important feature that the Quick Extender Pro has since this is what other models lack.


Penis extenders are now widely used around the world as proven devices for correcting penis curvatures and increasing its size. But aside from having medical grade parts to ensure your safety, the major factor that can help you faster results is comfort. This matters a lot since its overall usage in a month can already make a difference when done properly.

As long as the device is comfortable to wear, using it for a prolonged period can become easier over time. This is what made the Quick Extender Pro efficient for most users since it doesn’t pinch the skin. Despite the pulling pressure that it applies to the penis, its strap system provides comfort even for 8 hours of usage.