My personal experience with Hydromax X30 [2021 update]

Where it all started

Any man who have been made fun of because of the size of his penis will understand what I went through before taking a leap of faith. Growing up, I had an interesting childhood and also in my teenage years. But when I turned 18 and thought I should give dating a chance, I realized that some girls were after the size of a man’s penis to use in judging whether they should continue in the relationship or not.

I was one of the unfortunate ones who by no fault of ours happened to have small penis. As at that time, my penis was 4.2 inches and although I always wanted my relationships to last, the ladies seemed to lose interest after seeing my penis for the first time.

I resolved to do something about it and stumbled on a forum where Hydromax X30 was being discussed. The positive reviews I read about the products over there were amazing. And I didn’t need further conviction since the forum was made up of independent people who were simply sharing their experiences.

My experience with Hydromax X30

After several failed relationships, I made up my mind to do something about the size of my penis. I decided to go with Hydromax X30 because I needed speedy result within the shortest period of time possible.

I was impressed with the way it looked right out of the box. Something inside of me told me from that moment that my life was about to change for good. With such enthusiasm, I made for the bathtub even though it was midday.

I quickly shaved my hairs down there so that the device will get good suction when I am wearing it. I had already read in the forum that to get the best result it was better I got into the Hydromax plastic tube when I’m like 70 percent erect. Surprisingly, it was very easy to use considering that I was afraid of it from the pictures I had seen online.

With every pump of the device, I noticed that my penis was increasing. To get more pressure, I usually apply more pressure by pushing down the device pump which makes water to squirt out of the device with an increased suction pressure felt on my penis.

Because I was just after seeing if the device truly works, I made use of it for just 10 minutes and pulled it off by pressing on the top button. My oh my, I was speechless with the result. I kept shouting in excitement. It was as though I was having someone else’s penis and not my usual small penis.

I was a little disappointed when this same increase that seemed to have lasted for a whole day was nowhere to be found the following day. Well, I expected it since I had already read that its main purpose is to temporarily give you a bigger and harder erection.

I had already read about combining the Hydromax X30 with penis exercises like jelqing, and so I followed that path. Month by month, I was seeing incredible results that spurred me on. But I would say that I reached my 2 inch mark increase when I was almost a year into using the product.

Why I chose Hydromax X30

Hydromax was part of the newer versions of the Bathmate brand. The original Bathmate was reported to be leaking and that its pads fall off easily. But this was not experienced in the Hyrdomax versions because it came with no pad and therefore didn’t leak. It also comes with more pumping power.

My routine

I have already mentioned that I got 2 inches increase in the size of my penis using the Hydromax X30. I was able to reach this milestone because I used the device 6 days in a week. I also combined it with jelqing. So typically, it was 10 minutes of using the device, 220 jelqing and another 5 minutes of pumping with the device that got me my result.


I had a very good experience with Hydromax X30 and i will always recommend it to anyone looking for a temporary and permanent result in increasing the size of their penis.